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What is different about Rover Runs?

We offer a more vigorous and effective workout for those dogs who require additional exercise. Rover Runs offers 30 – 60 minutes of activity for your dog each session. That is much more than other dog walkers provide. We are the total solution since we also offer walking and hiking, appropriate for dogs that need to get out for a break but might not need to run every day. We also offer playdates for the dogs who don’t have many opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Additionally, we offer these services in combination with pet sitting.

My dog doesn’t jog. Do you provide walking as well?

We sure do. We offer walking in your neighborhood and hiking at local county parks. Your dog will benefit from an extended walk and hiking at different parks will provide mental and physical stimulation that dogs need.

What are dog playdates?

Your dog will enjoy a playdate with a well socialized dog in the comfort of your home or securely fenced yard. Rover Plays is great for dogs that don’t have many opportunities to socialize with other dogs. This is a favorite with our younger dogs and is wonderful exercise as well!

My dog needs a break during the day but not 5 days of jogging. Can you help?

Absolutely. You can customize a schedule for your dog combining all of our services (services). Some dogs need a combination of days on the trails, walks in the neighborhood and playdates. Some dogs need to run every day and some prefer Rover Plays every day. We can help find a solution for the challenges you are facing.

My dog hasn’t mastered some basic training like leash manners. Is that OK?

Practice makes perfect. We understand that most dogs are still learning and expect that we will be reinforcing your training to help everyone. Frequently, dogs are easier to help once they’ve had enough exercise and the practice we provide can be the key to mastering new skills.

Do you exercise more than one dog at a time?

Our services are offered as private one-on-one sessions to each family. As a general guideline, jogging services are limited to two dogs at a time. Walking and hiking services can be provided for more than two dogs at a time, depending on their size, compatibility and behavior. Also, you can pair up with a neighbor or friend, as long as we pick up the dogs at the same location we will take them together. This can be a more cost effective way to enjoy our services.

Does the session include time for transportation, toweling off, treats, etc.?

We always exercise the entire 30- 60 minutes together. Everything else is included in the service – transportation, toweling off your dog, replenishing water or feeding a meal are all services we perform in addition to the session time we spend jogging, walking or hiking.

Where would you take my dog?

That depends on where you live, the activity your dog enjoys and the type of exercise your dog needs each day. It also depends on the weather; in the summer we frequent spots with a water source, during winter we visit locations based on the footing and trail conditions. We try new locations to offer your dog a variety of new experiences.

My dog isn’t in good shape. Can you help?

Absolutely, this is part of our goal! We always start out slowly in an effort to determine your dog’s ability. We have proven success helping dogs lose weight. A dog in good health can walk, as we progress and with your vet’s approval, we can build up to jogging. For our dogs that aren’t joggers but want to get out on the trails, we offer hiking on the trails which provides a fresh new environment to explore. This provides mental stimulation and variety – and it’s just plain fun.!

Do I need Rover Runs if I already have a dog walker?

Walking does not provide enough exercise for many dogs and the same routine in the same neighborhood does not provide variety. We offer solutions other than walking in your neighborhood. Days on which your dog is with Rover Runs they will have the opportunity for a potty break as well, so you may not need both, depending on your schedule. We also offer daily walks so we can provide the total solution for your dog’s needs, or we can work with your current dog walker or other pet care professionals.

What is your service area?

We provide our services in Hunterdon County, NJ and areas of Somerset and Morris Counties. Please visit our locations page for a list of specific towns. We are continuously expanding our service area based on client requests, so please contact us if you need our services but don’t see your town listed here.

How do I get started?

Contact us for a meeting. The introductory meeting is an important start to our relationship with you as we introduce ourselves to you and your pet. At this meeting we go over the details of what to expect if you hire us and take note of valuable information regarding the way you communicate with your dog, including any current training techniques. Then we take your dog out for a short jog or walk to get an idea of his/her abilities. Finally we complete paperwork and then we are free to discuss scheduling. There is no charge for meet and greet.

I am not home during the day how do you enter my home?

That is entirely up to you. Some clients give us a key; others give us alarm or garage codes. Whichever method works the best.

Is there a way to track your sessions via GPS?

Yes. When possible we use an application to track our outings. Sometimes the technology doesn’t work when we are deep in the woods and lose cell phone signal, but the majority of our sessions are tracked and you can review the workout information in very high detail. We are always on the lookout for better ways to utilize GPS. We hope that soon you can track us in real time as we progress through our sessions.

Is your company bonded & insured?

Yes, we take our job very seriously, as caring for your loved ones is a big responsibility. Upon request we can provide you with a certificate of insurance. We strive to protect you, your pet and our staff and we feel it is important that we conduct our business in a professional manner.

Do you have references?

Yes, the success stories of our pack members speak volumes and Rover Runs has many happy clients who can provide references. We have been in business since February 2013 and since then have helped many dogs live happier and healthier lives.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and cash.

Will you provide feedback about sessions and my dog?

After every visit we leave a notification in your home with the essential information about our outing. Additionally, we keep track of distance, location and any pertinent information. We are always available to discuss our sessions.

Which services do you provide for pet sitting?

All or our services are available combined with pet sitting. Rover Sits goes the extra mile and provides physical activity for your dog and peace of mind for you. Regardless of how long you will be away from your dog, whether it is a day trip, weekend getaway or an extended vacation, we will make sure your dog is tired, well cared for and happy. We also cater to cats and will conduct some house sitting services as well; this is a highly customized service.

When is Rover Runs closed?

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, including every Holiday. Obviously, some days are busier than others, please plan in advance.