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We love what we do and love when our clients do too!

  • “My dog is a large lab, and since using Rover Runs, he has lost weight from his daily jogs, is more agile, and has stopped chewing on house hold items because of the increase in exercise. Rover Runs has been professional, honest and an overall pleasure to deal with as a company.”

    Keith, Clinton, NJ
  • “Rover Runs has made our crazy, busy lives so much easier. I get home after work and kids activities and my dog is exercised, happy and exhausted. Rover Runs is not only dependable and professional, but they have quickly developed a wonderful bond with our dog.”

    Dina, Clinton, NJ
  • “We needed last minute overnight help on New Year’s Eve.  Rover Runs was able to watch our dog and we were able to celebrate the New Year with friends. They even sent pictures of the fun she was having. Love Rover Runs!”

    Karen, Washington, NJ
  • “Thanks to Rover Runs I was able to enjoy my time away knowing that someone dependable and caring was watching my dogs. I highly recommend Rover Runs.”

    Lisa, Tewksbury, NJ
  • “Thank you for going the extra mile and taking care of my dog, cats and chickens. I don’t know what we would have done without you, I’m not sure anyone could have gotten there for the extra days. Thank you!”

    Sarah, Flemington, NJ
  • “Having my dog Ollie hiking and jogging with Rover Runs has put an end to his nuisance barking. He becomes so excited when they show up at the door - I just know he’s having the time of his life!”

    Jean, Lebanon, NJ
  • “Rover Runs takes my dogs on actual TRAIL RUNS through the woods. Finding Rover Runs has improved the lives of our whole family - the dogs are happier and the rest of can relax. And no guilt! Thank you!”

    Donna, Pittstown, NJ
  • “Really happy with Rover Runs, I don't know any other company that will take my dog hiking and jogging and swimming. I can tell when he's had a session, he is much more relaxed from the extra exercise.”

    Mike, Pepack, NJ